[jdev] beta 1 release of jabberd 1.4.4

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Sat Mar 5 06:36:34 CST 2005

I am proud to announce, that I have just created the first beta of
jabberd 1.4.4.

jabberd 1.4.4 beta 1 includes many improvements over jabberd 1.4.3
- highly improved compatibility with XMPP (RFC 3920, RFC 3921)
- improved manageability of the server (logging, clustering, installing)
- more fault tolerant on network problems
- encrypted server to server communication
- included support for MySQL and PostgreSQL
- new autoconf/automake build environment

For more information on changes see

The beta1 version of jabberd 1.4.4 can be downloaded at

The md5sum of the file is 7bee84c8844255beb3af31dc2d520651, the sha1sum
of the file is b3457a2fd682a15790a03310f2b1961868b34d33. A PGP signature
is included at the download location.

Please test this beta version of the server and report your feedback,
so that we can fix existing bugs before we release the final version of
jabberd 1.4.4.

Fon: +49-(0)70 0770 07770          http://web.amessage.info
Fax: +49-(0)89 312 88 654          xmpp:mawis at amessage.info
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