[jdev] deferred delivery

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Mar 7 05:25:04 CST 2005

> >Jabber is instant, near real time. So this means you're get a near real
> >time "instant failure", if your message can not be delivered. This 
> >opposed
> >to email where failure isn't "instant" at all, if you send a message it
> >can stay in the queue for up to 2 weeks and there is nothing you can do
> >about it. This is why SMTP uses a store-and-forward architecture.

> jabberd has offline storage for when a user is offline. The message gets
> silently stored, and delivered once the user logs in. This does not
> happen when the server is offline. To me, this seems a fairly
> straightforward double-standard.

Possibly but users are far more likely to be offline than their server being 
down, if you are using a server that is that unreliable I suggest you switch 
servers, servers should never be down often enough for this to cause a 
problem, if they are you are likely to have far more problems than just 
undelivered messages.


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