[jdev] 1.4.x component:exec

Katz, Dov B (IT) Dov.Katz at morganstanley.com
Mon Mar 7 11:53:13 CST 2005

Thanks Matthias.  My real interest is to experiment whether there is a
performance gain on a loaded server by using this for a transport as
opposed to another socket in a loaded socket pool.

Does process (exec) IO get thrown into the overall 1.4.x select loop, or
is it somehow given a different priority? 

Any speculations on whether it would be faster?, Slower? Etc?

More of a curiosity at this point...


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Hi Katz!

Katz, Dov B (IT) schrieb am 2005-03-07 12:31:54:
> Does anyone have sample code and config for a simple EXEC-style 
> component for jabberd 1.4.x?
> I've only written ACCEPT components and am interested in trying an 
> EXEC one.

The exec components use a standard Jabber XML stream for communications
in the namespace "jabber:component:exec" - using no authentication.

... but I wouldn't propose to write new components using this feature.
It should make nearly no additional work using the accept component
protocol and your component will be usable with other server
implementations then as well. exec components are only supported by
jabberd 1.4.x as far as I know.

The only documentation I am aware of at present is the implementation,
that you can find in the file jabberd/base/base_exec.c of the jabberd
1.4.x distribution. It's only a small file, that is well documented.

Tot kijk

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