[jdev] 1.4.x component:exec

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Mon Mar 7 12:04:45 CST 2005

Hi Katz!

Katz, Dov B (IT) schrieb am 2005-03-07 12:53:13:
> Thanks Matthias.  My real interest is to experiment whether there is a
> performance gain on a loaded server by using this for a transport as
> opposed to another socket in a loaded socket pool.
> Does process (exec) IO get thrown into the overall 1.4.x select loop, or
> is it somehow given a different priority? 
> Any speculations on whether it would be faster?, Slower? Etc?

Sorry, absolutely no clue. I did not look at it until now, as I never
tried to use it. I could even consider depricating this interface and
removing it in the future. Please have look at the code, I guess you
should be able to answer your questions yourself. If you have any
problems to understand what is happening, feel free to ask.

Tot kijk

BTW: I am thinking about implementing another way to interconnect
components anyway. I'd like to remove a routing component completely and
let the components use something like SASL-s2s connections to directly
connect to each other. To let the components know of each other, I think
about using the service location protocol (SLP) as implemented by
OpenSLP. This would allow to start new components without restarting the
server (like jabberd2 allows you to do too) but without the need of a
central router being a single point of failure.

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