[jdev] 1.4.x component:exec

Van Gale vangale at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 8 11:05:42 CST 2005

Matthias Wimmer wrote:
> BTW: I am thinking about implementing another way to interconnect
> components anyway. I'd like to remove a routing component completely and
> let the components use something like SASL-s2s connections to directly
> connect to each other. To let the components know of each other, I think
> about using the service location protocol (SLP) as implemented by
> OpenSLP. This would allow to start new components without restarting the
> server (like jabberd2 allows you to do too) but without the need of a
> central router being a single point of failure.

That would be excellent!  I´d also been considering approaches for high 
availability, and was thinking about a group-communication system like 
the spread toolkit (spread.org).  With such a multicast system you could 
even have multiple components handling each service for load balancing. 
  Another benefit is for logging components, like bandersnatch, which 
would take up no extra bandwidth because they are just intercepting 
multicast packets.

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