[jdev] XIFF development

Dan Plesse dplesse at optonline.net
Thu Mar 10 21:21:09 CST 2005

The only hack I was able to come up (today) was to use dyndns.org.

It runs on a tomcat server with Jive (and XIFF) so it is almost all java. 

My picture should come up when you click on the online box. 

Call it a hidden Easter egg. 

Apple Os users say it does not work. You be the judge. 


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On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 07:29:45PM -0300, Francisco Obarrio wrote:
> I done a flash client about 2 years ago..
> maybe stpeter dont remember www.6kbytes.com (its offline because i?m 
> developing multiplayer games)

I always remember. ;-)

> Is 2.0 now able to use with flash xmlsocket  ?

Maybe someday we won't need special server hacks to support Flash 
connections, eh? We can always dream...


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