[jdev] Jabberd2 - start up error

vimal kumar vimalma1093 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 00:51:41 CST 2005

Dear members,

I followed the instructions in the jabberd2 manual avlbl. from the
web-page. I get the following error, whose log I have attached. Can
someone help me fix this bug?

Thanks and regards,
Vimal Kumar
-----------------log begins here---------------
JBRD: debug on
JBRD: version(2.0s6)
JBRD: config_dir(/usr/local/etc/jabberd)
JBRD: LaunchJob: router -> /usr/local/bin//router -c
/usr/local/etc/jabberd/router.xml -D
JBRD: LaunchJob: resolver -> /usr/local/bin//resolver -c
/usr/local/etc/jabberd/resolver.xml -D
JBRD: LaunchJob: sm -> /usr/local/bin//sm -c /usr/local/etc/jabberd/sm.xml -D
JBRD: LaunchJob: s2s -> /usr/local/bin//s2s -c
/usr/local/etc/jabberd/s2s.xml -DJBRD: LaunchJob: c2s ->
/usr/local/bin//c2s -c /usr/local/etc/jabberd/c2s.xml -DSM  : WARN:
Debugging not enabled.  Ignoring -D.
ERROR: sm died.  Shutting down server.
JBRD: Got a signal... pass it on.
JBRD: It was a TERM.  Shut it all down!
------------------------------------------log ends-------------------------

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