[jdev] Jabber-1.4.3 login problem

Les Seigneur les at uark.edu
Tue Mar 15 07:29:22 CST 2005

I am seeing rather long delays when I try to into my Jabber server.
Sometimes there is no delay and sometimes it takes a minute or so to log in.
I am running jabberd 1.4.3 with jadc2s and using xdb_auth_cpile to
authenticate with LDAP. I have received some great help on this issue from
Jitender Arora who suggested that I setup jadc2s but I am still seeing the
problem.  He also was good enough to share his scripts with me that will
monitor the jabber processes and restart them if necessary.  The scripts may
well be the answer but this problem happens so frequently that I really
think I should find the cause of the problem.  I can't go live with this
server unless I get this fixed.

I ran jabbed in debug mode and here is what I got when a user called
grant at jabber2.uark was taking a long time to authenticate.  I was using
Exodus and the login timed out several times.

I see this pattern repeated several times:

Sun Mar 13 18:16:47 2005  mio.c:1274 mio_write called on x: 9D00FC0 buffer:
(null) Sun Mar 13 18:16:47 2005  deliver.c:474 DELIVER 2:jabber2.uark.edu
<xdb type='get' to='grant at jabber2.uark.edu' from='sessions'
ns='jabber:iq:auth' id='337'/> Sun Mar 13 18:16:47 2005  deliver.c:678
delivering to instance 'xdb_auth_cpile'

Does this indicate that 'xdb_auth_cpile' is not responding or that perhaps
jabberd has died and is not responding to xdb_auth_cpile?

How would I determine what process in not responding?

Les Seigneur
les at uark.edu

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