[jdev] Re: How can I verify the JID validity?

George Hazan george.hazan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 14:12:40 CST 2005

   Hello, Peter!
   Wed, 16 Mar 2005 11:58:01 -0600 you wrote:

>> I wanna test that a certain JID is valid on a jabber server. How can I
>> ensure that without trying to add him into the roster? Right now I
>> couldn't find anything better than fetching a vcard - if an error occurs,
>> then this JID is invalid.
PSA> What do you mean by "valid" and "invalid"? Do you mean that the JID is
PSA> already taken/registered?

Yes, just to verify the user input, but without trying to add a contact into
my contact list. I dunno if the word 'addable' exists, but it describes what
I want pretty good :)

WMBR, George Hazan 

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