[jdev] discovery services

Leonardo Galicia Jimenez valkyreii at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 17 19:28:16 CST 2005

Hi everybody, my name is Leonardo and i am trying to implement a system 
using jabber. In this system i program jabber client using java, but these 
jabber clients work transparently to the user, each jabber client is called 
agent and represents devices, services, objets or users, each one with its 
own features and attributes. These agents need to be discover by others 
agents, for instance, one agent (jabber client) represents a user and need 
to discover automatically a other agent that represent a printer in all the 
jabber network. I wonder if jabber technology has a discovery way similar to 
Slp, Jxta, Jini, etc, besides JEP-0030 i didn't find it, or other way to 
find others jabber servers.

I have interest in use jabber for the presence protocol, simple and the easy 
way to extend it. If anybody has information about it, i really will 
appreciate it.

Thanks you.

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