[jdev] Re: Coccinella client -regd

Mats Bengtsson matben at privat.utfors.se
Sat Mar 19 10:08:01 CST 2005


Can you detail the way you try to create rooms?
It can be helpful if you switch on Info/Debug to
get the xml I/O and send me that. I have an old
jabberd2/muc installation and haven't seen any problems.
Is there an open server I can test this on?

The whiteboard works for groupchats (rooms) also.
However, unlike text groupchats, the whiteboard depends
on the complete history of the room, and unless the history
list sent when joining is long, or all members join simultaneously,
some users wont get the complete content of the whiteboard.
Otherwise it should work well.

Best Wishes,   Mats

> Dear members,
> I have run the  jabberd2 server along with the mu-conference utility
> to create rooms. Strangely, the coccinella client does not allow me to
> create rooms, though gaim and exodus permit me to do so. Also, I
> wonder if the white board feature in it would work for a room? If it
> does, is something like the following possible:
> I draw on the whiteboard. All the other users in the room will be
> immediately able to see what I am drawing.
> This aside, my other doubt is regarding the concept of re-usability of
> rooms. i.e, is it possible that a room is fixed. Then, the users who
> come and enter it vary from time to time, each time, one particular
> user acting as the room's administrator?
> Please clarify on these to the extent possible. Thanks and regards,
> Vimal Kumar S

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