[jdev] regarding smack API

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Wed Mar 23 02:58:23 CST 2005

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 15:30, vimal kumar wrote:
> hi members,
> i have downloaded smack an API to communicate with jabber in java.
> Is It possible to develope shared whiteboard using smack API. since we
> have to complete our project reply soon.

There are a number of ways you might want to do this, but assuming you're 
looking at something like this:

  1. Users join a chat, or a groupchat
  2. User 1 draws a line:
    2.1. User 1's client generates an XML extension describing the line.
         ** Custom XML extension required, but possible.
    2.2. User 1's client wraps the XML extension in a message.
    2.3. User 1's client sends the message to User 2's client.
    2.4. User 2's client receives the message and unpacks the XML extension.
    2.5. User 2's client decodes the XML extension to obtain the line.
         ** Custom code again...
    2.6. User 2's client draws the line.

...then you're fine.

If you're using a standard kind of extension layout, like this...

    <x xmlns="http://example.com/protocols/whiteboard">
        <value1> ... </value1>
        <value2> ... </value2>

... then you can use DefaultPacketExtension and everything should work neatly.

If you want anything more than that, just be aware that Smack isn't quite as 
easy to extend as, say, JSO.


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