[jdev] discovery services

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Wed Mar 23 03:07:45 CST 2005

Hi Peter, hi Matt, ...

Matt Tucker schrieb am 2005-03-22 17:37:25:
> > You could use zero-configuration networking for the discovery:
> To add to this thread, we already support multicast DNS (called
> Rendezvous by Apple) in Jive Messenger (Open Source server at
> http://www.jivesoftware.org).

May I add a third protocol proposal? Mine is SLP (RFC 2608 et all) which
I started to experiment with in jabberd14 (won't be commited before
after 1.4.4).
Maybe we really should talk about service discovery protocols before
everybody starts using his own protocol.

Tot kijk

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