[jdev] help for jabberd2; select some data from database

yang yang eagleababa at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Mar 24 08:16:16 CST 2005

     I  have reviewed the source code for jabberd2 .  And  I  want  to  query  the  mysql  database by “like”, but it seems that the source code doesn’t support that .
    For example , I want to build a sql command like this : 
 Select  *  from private where `collection-owner` = `xxx` AND `ns`  like  `storage:xxx` ;
    I  found that the string-parse function “_st_mysql_convert_filter( )” only parse the string like “ns = xxx” .So  who can tell me how to query the mysql by “like”.
    And how can I deal with command like this:
   Select  *  from private where `collection-owner` = `xxx` AND `ns`  like  `storage:xxx`  AND `xml` like `xxxx`;


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