[jdev] Whiteboard - regd.

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 24 11:35:19 CST 2005

>> What i encountered during work on enigma3 (complat.sourceforge.net/jnlp)
>> is, some servers allow only nodes of about 50k size - 50k are not that
>> much when working with SVG documents.
>> ... Maybe truncating those SVG documents would have helped ... anyway, i
>> just wanted to pass on the experience ...
> Hmm, was that karma or a hard limit?
> Perhaps it's time to look more seriously at Efficient XML or something
> of that kind for use in intensive applications like SVG:
> http://www.agiledelta.com/EfficientXMLEncoding.htm

That and defining a P2P connection method to transfer the SVG directly 
rather than through the server when possible.


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