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Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Thu Mar 24 13:14:23 CST 2005

Isn't that one particular commercial implementation of binary XML ;)

Isn't there's some other that may equally be considered...


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Peter Saint-Andre schrieb:

>On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 09:54:22AM +0100, Ulrich Staudinger wrote:
>>What i encountered during work on enigma3 (complat.sourceforge.net/jnlp) 
>>is, some servers allow only nodes of about 50k size - 50k are not that 
>>much when working with SVG documents.
>>... Maybe truncating those SVG documents would have helped ... anyway, i 
>>just wanted to pass on the experience ...
>Hmm, was that karma or a hard limit?
Has been Karma and hard limit. Hard limit for the maximum node size, is 
a variable somewhere in the jabberd code and Karma for the max. number 
of messages. The hard limit was more difficult to work around.

>Perhaps it's time to look more seriously at Efficient XML or something
>of that kind for use in intensive applications like SVG:
I agree.


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