[jdev] Re: Windows service

Stephen Marquard scm at marquard.net
Wed Mar 30 13:16:31 CST 2005

Tim Anderson wrote:
> I'd like to add the windows service nonsense into jabberd 2.0s6.
> 1) Is there an already built visual studio project flying around somewhere?
> 2) Where do I officially post the code changes?
> Since this is already a "console" based app I'm assuming this won't be
> particularly difficult.

Peter Hinz did a port of 2.0s5 to Win32:


and the very minor diffs for that are at:


although some may no longer be required or apply to 2.0s6 or CVS.

It would be most useful to see what needs to be done to make the current 
cvs code build in visual studio:


and then add the diffs to the same bugzilla issue above (with 
appropriate #ifdef's where required) so we can get the changes into cvs.

Please post followups to the jabberd list 


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