[jdev] ANNOUNCE: jabberd 2.0 stable 7 available

Justin Kirby justin-news at openaether.org
Thu Mar 31 15:48:20 CST 2005

The jabberd project team is pleased to announce the release of jabberd
2.0 stable 7. This is a 2.0 stable release. This release has no major
outstanding issues and is considered usable in production.

The server is a complete rewrite, with none of the old 1.4 code
included. This makes the transition non-trivial. A tool is included with
this release to assist with migrating users from 1.4 servers.

Downloads are available here:
md5sum: 1f10641964d257944eae2f8f295cfcba  jabberd-2.0s7.tar.gz

Bug reports and feature requests should be submitted using the tools on
http://j2.openaether.org/. General support requests should go to
jadmin at jabber.org. Anything else should be sent to jabberd at jabberstudio.org.

Special Thanks to:
- Richard Houser
- Mariusz Jakubowski
- James Strandboge
- David Sutton

Justin Kirby

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