[jdev] Re: Re: Problem with PyMSN-t

Sascha sascha_sauren at arcor.de
Sun Oct 2 06:14:59 CDT 2005

Hi iam having a similar problem on JM

2 days ago i installed pyMSN-t 0.10 and it runs very fine

but yesterday i tried to install pyAIM-t 0.6 and when i try to compile / 
install it it only compiles 3 files

eg. typing--> python main.py

these 3 are build


even the .pid isent created

my cpu runs on 100% untill i close the dos prompt

when i quit and restart the JM....
the only external component is still the pyMSN-t

i set everything like into the pyMSN.

also searched the source of main.py and config.py of pyMSN and pyAIM to 
may see a difference where my fault could be and changed several things 
but nothing helped.

greetz Sascha

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