[jdev] Re: Re: Problem with PyMSN-t

Daniel Henninger jadestorm at nc.rr.com
Sun Oct 2 07:21:18 CDT 2005

*chuckle*  Well I'm going to run around and answer this in all of the  
places I'm aware of that you posted it so that I can 'spread the  
word' so to speak.  There's a known bug with PyAIM (and PyICQ) under  
Windows that no longer occurs involving the following lines in src/ 

#This does not work under Windows, so we're getting rid of it for now.
#if (exe.find("python") >= 0):
#       os.execv(exe, [name, sys.argv[0]]+sys.argv[1:])

There is no actual release of PyAIM that has this fixed yet.  0.7  
will.  In the meantime, comment those lines out and you should be  
good to go.  Note that this bug only occurs under Windows.


On Oct 2, 2005, at 7:14 AM, Sascha wrote:

> Hi iam having a similar problem on JM
> 2 days ago i installed pyMSN-t 0.10 and it runs very fine
> but yesterday i tried to install pyAIM-t 0.6 and when i try to  
> compile / install it it only compiles 3 files
> eg. typing--> python main.py
> these 3 are build
> utils.pyc
> config.pyc
> debug.pyc
> even the .pid isent created
> my cpu runs on 100% untill i close the dos prompt
> when i quit and restart the JM....
> the only external component is still the pyMSN-t
> i set everything like into the pyMSN.
> also searched the source of main.py and config.py of pyMSN and  
> pyAIM to may see a difference where my fault could be and changed  
> several things but nothing helped.
> greetz Sascha

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