[jdev] Pakistan Earthquake - Request for help

Shakeel Tariq shakeeltariq at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 13:57:26 CDT 2005

Hi all !

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I'm mailing you this because you are in my contact list (somehow).. please
read & help.

A powerful earthquake has killed 19,000 people in Pakistan, but the death
toll is likely to increase as rescuers find more bodies in the rubble. The
7.6 magnitude quake struck near Muzaffarabad, the capital of
Pakistan-administered Kashmir, destroying buildings, wiping out entire
villages and triggering landslides.

The worst affected areas are Balakot and Bagh where most buildings have
collapsed, including Islamic Relief's office there. The roads to these
mountaneous areas are blocked by landslides.
Thousands of people have lost their homes in the disaster and their
immediate needs are blankets and tents. Arranging coffins for the deadones
is a big task in itself.

Please contribute to help the affected ones.. no matter what you
contribute.. please just contribute..

Following are a few links where you can donate online:






Even a single dollar you pay.. may save a life..

Muhammad Shakeel
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