[jdev] Problem Connecting to GoogleTalk using my custom client

Mukil Kesavan mukilk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 14:07:33 CDT 2005

>Hi Fabio,

>Slight correction to this:

>The talk servers require TLS/SSL to log in.  You can do this in two ways:
>1) (preferred) Connect to 5222 and do a starttls.  This is the new preferred

XMPP style of starting up tls
>2) Connect to 5223 and do tls right away.  Then you can authenticate via
>SASL or old school jabber mechanisms.


Well, thanks joe that reply was really useful. I am kind of new to
jabber development, so I am using JabberCOM DLL for all the XMPP
related stuff. I am not sure if I can do the starttls with it.
Can you suggest some way of doing this with may be some open source
library or something? But, I remember reading in the XMPP specs that
"starttls" is supposed to be done by server first (correct me if I am

>Just to make it extra clear, you need to be generating this:

>SENT: <stream:stream to="gmail.com <http://gmail.com>" xmlns="jabber:client"
>xmlns:stream="http://etherx.jabber.org/streams ">

Thanks Norman. Does this mean that I should connect to talk.google.com
<http://talk.google.com> but send the above stream?

Should switch from JabberCOM to some other library or DLL? My
requirements are that I am doing development in windows and
specifically I need a C++ based library/DLL with source code. Gloox is
out of the question as it is yet to bring out a stable version for

Can anybody help me in this regard??? Others too please take a look
into my previous posts and tell me if I can still salvage something
with my existing setup.

Thanks and Cheers,

- Mukil
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