[jdev] Re: Problem Connecting to GoogleTalk using my custom client

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Sun Oct 23 10:28:12 CDT 2005

Copy, Paste:

As if Halr9000 doesn't say it enough:   Why don't you think of taking
an existing library and bug fixing it, rather than implementing your
own from scratch :-P

Both of Peter's suggestions: Iris (c++, base for Psi) or
jopl (delphi, base for Exodus) are very good starting points for what
you need.

If they don't suffice, then
http://www.jabber.org/software/libraries.shtml has an extensive list.

On 10/23/05, Mukil Kesavan <mukilk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks a lot everybody for all the help. After much consideration I
> have decided to whip up my own mini xmpp library in C++.
> I am facing some problems in implementing SASL and TLS in my library.
> Are there any C++ libraries/COM DLLs which provide readymade api calls
> which will let me do this easily?
> I am hoping for the same swift and accurate response from the
> community as before.
> Thanks in advance,
> - Mukil

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