[jdev] JabberMaps is ready for public beta testing!

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Oct 24 11:58:07 CDT 2005

Norman Rasmussen wrote:
> So the question is, can I get my non-public registration server onto
> the map?  I think this is a useful idea because is shows your server
> as part of the federation, even if signups are non-public.


> I assume the best way to do this would to pull the xmpp federation's
> atom feed (with geolocation info!), and then I can just add my server
> to the list there.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer...

Currently, JabberMaps uses the old data feed for open-registration 
servers located at http://www.jabber.org/network/ (supplemented with the 
uptime data provided by jabbernet.dk and geolocation information added 
by the JabberMaps folks). I plan to phase out the /network/ feed and 
replace it with the data at xmpp.net as soon as we get an automated 
service discovery and uptime bot working at xmpp.net. The intent is that 
xmpp.net will provide a list of all servers that are publicly committed 
to federation, and we will distinguish subsets of those servers such as 
  "federated servers that allow in-band registration" and "federated 
servers that do TLS for s2s".


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation
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