[jdev] differentiated karma in jabber1.x

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Oct 28 03:25:49 CDT 2005

Hi Larry!

Please request this as an enhancement feature on 
http://bugzilla.jabberd.org/ - But probably I'll implement it in a way 
that you can define different karma settings for special hosts. I guess 
this solves your problem as well and is more flexible.

Tot kijk

Am 28.10.2005 02:16 schrieb Kirschner, Larry:

> What do people think about extending jabber configuration to allow you 
> to specify karma settings, but also define a set of netmask IPs that 
> would have unlimited access? Basically, you would allow additional 
> tags that look like something this
> <karmaExemptions>
>         <exempt netmask=""/>
>         <exempt netmask=""/>
>         <exempt netmask=""/>
> </karmaExemptions>
> I'm looking at jabberd/mio.c and it seems like this could be added 
> with just a few lines of code, maybe along the lines of the following:
> 1. In mio_init() read any exemptions into an array
> 2. In mio_listen (and mio_accept) after creating a new mio with 
> mio_new(), compare the mio's ip with any exempt netmasks. If the new 
> mio's ip is exempt, set mio->k.dec = 0.
> Then again, I'm just scanning through the code and there could be 
> dependencies that I don't understand. If I'm missing something, please 
> let me know.

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