[jdev] differentiated karma in jabber1.x

Kirschner, Larry Larry.kirschner at mtvn.com
Fri Oct 28 08:16:15 CDT 2005

Hey Matthias,
Thanks for responding. I went ahead and put the enhancement request into bugzilla. 
About configuration by host:
If you make the config by host, then someone has to rememer to update the jabber config every time a no-karma client instance is added or moved. In the game-engine case below, there is a pool of game-engine servers that use a pool of jabber servers. The app would scale by adding servers to either or both pools, and it would be good if that process didn't involve remembering to reconfigure and restart all the jabbers.
Would it be possible instead to do karma settings/exemptions by JID?
    <user jid="gameengineuser1" exempt="true"/> 
    <user jid="gameengineuser2" exempt="true"/>
    <user jid="someotheruser">


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Hi Larry!

Please request this as an enhancement feature on
http://bugzilla.jabberd.org/ - But probably I'll implement it in a way
that you can define different karma settings for special hosts. I guess
this solves your problem as well and is more flexible.

Tot kijk

Am 28.10.2005 02:16 schrieb Kirschner, Larry:

> What do people think about extending jabber configuration to allow you
> to specify karma settings, but also define a set of netmask IPs that
> would have unlimited access? Basically, you would allow additional
> tags that look like something this
> <karmaExemptions>
>         <exempt netmask=""/>
>         <exempt netmask=""/>
>         <exempt netmask=""/>
> </karmaExemptions>
> I'm looking at jabberd/mio.c and it seems like this could be added
> with just a few lines of code, maybe along the lines of the following:
> 1. In mio_init() read any exemptions into an array
> 2. In mio_listen (and mio_accept) after creating a new mio with
> mio_new(), compare the mio's ip with any exempt netmasks. If the new
> mio's ip is exempt, set mio->k.dec = 0.
> Then again, I'm just scanning through the code and there could be
> dependencies that I don't understand. If I'm missing something, please
> let me know.

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