[jdev] IQ Semantics RFC 3920 9.2.3 IQ Semantics

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Oct 31 10:49:20 CST 2005

Chris Mullins wrote:
> Michael Finney Wrote:
>> Must the 'id' attribute of an IQ stanza be unique?  I do 
>> not see the answer in RFC 3920. 
> Section 9.1.3 of Core says:
>> It is OPTIONAL for the value of the 'id' attribute 
>> to be unique globally, within a domain, or within 
>> a stream.
> Much to my surprise, section 9.2.3 (IQ Semamtics), did not further
> restrict this, and make the 'id' attribute unique on a stream. It only
> says that the 'id' attribute is required for IQ packets.

The 'id' attribute is used by the entity that generates stanzas to track 
them. So for instance my client can use the 'id' attribute to associate 
IQ results and errors it receives with IQ gets and sets it has sent out 
(for service discovery, iq:time, etc.). These IDs are not intended to be 
used to track stanzas across the entire XMPP network, within a domain, 
or even within a stream (which would require IDs to be globally unique 


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation
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