[jdev] Clock system to fallow discussion

por cherie porcherie at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 03:21:21 CDT 2005

Le  6 September 2005, Trejkaz, ? bout, prit son clavier pour
taper sur son ?cran:
> Also, GUI-wise it would be a hassle, but I guess users would have to
> click on   
> the line they're replying to.  And most users will be too lazy to do it.

This is how clients for tribune work, you have to click on the message
to add the correct clock to respond to it. And as it make
the conversation more understandable, everybody effectively do it. And if one
don't, all other users complain about it, teaching new user rapidely
what they shouldn't do ;D

Have a nice day.


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