[jdev] Re: stream features and jabber:iq:auth

Christoph Schmidt csc at newbase.de
Tue Sep 13 08:38:42 CDT 2005

> As far as I see, the presence of a 'version=1.0' attribute in the 
> opening stream tag doesn't indicate that you MUST NOT use 
> jabber:iq:auth. It does indicate that there might be more suitable 
> options available, because the presence of 'version=1.0' indicates that 
> TLS/SASL is implemented, as described in RFC 3920. The precense of 
> 'version=1.0' does not indicate wether or not JEP-0078 (iq-auth) has 
> been implemented.

'version=1.0' indicates XMPP v1.0 compliance, which *requires* use of 
SASL (and recommends TLS). This implies that you MUST NOT use 

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