[jdev] Jabber File System !!!!

fa_pa fa_pa at yahoo.de
Fri Sep 16 00:14:51 CDT 2005


i totaly agree this is an awesome idea and it seems to work pretty well ;)

good luck and keep on coding

Alexey Nezhdanov wrote:
> В сообщении от Пятница 16 Сентябрь 2005 07:36 Samuel Goto написал(a):
>> I am very proud to announce the Jabber File System !!!!
>>    It is as simple as that : mounting your roster on a file system
>> !!!! Check it out in
>>    http://www.lsc.ic.unicamp.br/~samuel.goto/jabberfs/jabberfs.html
> Hello. Cool. I think StPeter will include it in next jabber journal :)
> BTW - there is very little reasons to not distribute code even if it is not 
> pretty enough. Much better idea is to publish it on public web site like 
> SourceForge and let people view it and comment.
> Very good code (gaim transport in perl) stagnated this way (i.e. lack of 
> publishing).


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