[jdev] Suggestions on a new IM

Eric Mathew John ericjohn at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 00:29:58 CDT 2005

Hey ppl,
I'm new to this group and to Jabber. Planning to develop an IM as my final 
year project (Computer Science and Engineering Student). What I've right now 
come up with is to include the following components apart from the basic 
messenger items:
*Include Jabber/XMPP
*Voice based IM using SIP 
*Low bit rate algorithm's like iLBC etc

Now I know there are lot of messengers out there which works on the above, 
hence it would be great if you guys could suggest some new additions 
(something outta de box!). It would also be a great help if you could 
suggest me some litreture on making XMPP work with SIP and which platform is 
the best for this kind of development. 

Eric Mathew John
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