[jdev] Openldap and self registration

Matt Rodriguez MKRodriguez at lbl.gov
Wed Sep 21 12:58:10 CDT 2005


I was wondering if there is any interest in making it possible to allow 
self registration with LDAP authentication? It seems that LDAP 
authentication is used in a more restrictive environments, where you 
have to talk to a sysadmin to get your IM account set up. I would like 
to use LDAP to authenticate clients that use our Jabber Server and other 
resources that I have set up, a wiki for example. If self registration 
was allowed users could register for the Jabber Server and use the same 
username and  password for a wiki any other resource that can use LDAP 
for authentication. Does anyone else think
this would be useful?

What are people's thoughts on this?
Matt Rodriguez

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