[jdev] [ANN] Google Talk engineering manager live chat

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu Sep 22 10:38:05 CDT 2005


> Interesting solution but not exactly standard, and will only 
> work between servers that are running Jive Messenger,

True. However, the nice thing about the logic is that normal DNS is
tried first. We also recommend that users setup DNS for max
compatibility. Even so, the extra logic means that if normal DNS isn't
or can't be setup, the service will still work if the other server is
JM. So far, we don't see a reason that this couldn't be added as an
implementation recommendation attached to the RFC's.

> according to the specs for s2s the fact that the MUC service 
> is a subdomain of another server is irrelivant, its not the 
> root domain that the other servers are trying to talk to its 
> the conference service itself directly,

I think this is simply something terribly broken about most XMPP
implementations. Users don't think of MUC as "another server" and the
reality is that many people in large organizations don't have the
ability to manage DNS or getting DNS changes is a huge burden that could
lead them to another "SIMPLEr" (ha ha) IM system.

If everybody implemented the same logic that we do in Jive Messenger, it
seems like it would mostly solve the problem. Since we can't enforce
that, we still recommend DNS entries and will continue to do careful
testing to make sure that we work with all the other s2s implementations
(this latest bug which started the discussion proves that we likely
still have more work to do).


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