[jdev] [ANN] Google Talk engineering manager live chat

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Fri Sep 23 16:04:00 CDT 2005

> > is one solution to this problem, simply implement the server
> > so that everything appears on the same domain name, you are
> > more likely to get overlaps of JID username parts when all
> > users and conference rooms etc are all running from the same
> > domain name, but its an entirely workable solution
> Yep, you've pointed out exactly why subdomains are required. Quite
> simply, this is a design flaw of the XMPP protocol. There's really
> nothing to do about it except try to come up with decent ways to make
> people's lives easier.

I wouldn't say this is a design flaw.  XMPP is just capable of a great many 
things, and by using different domains you avoid namespace collisions.

However, Richard's suggestion of sharing services on a single domain should 
not be ignored.  With email, you'd have the same problem running normal 
accounts and mailing lists on the same domain.  And if you want to avoid name 
overlaps you can always just add prefixes or suffixes to the names.  This is 
exactly what Dreamhost does with their mailing lists, for example.

I've always thought it would be great to have normal IM and groupchat services 
under one domain to simplify things.  I know it is a departure from the 
traditional "jabberd" approach to servers and components, but there's no 
reason it couldn't be done.

> I still haven't heard a lot input about why the logic we've implemented
> in Jive Messenger is a bad thing other than "it's not normal".

Well, another argument is that s2s shouldn't be touched since it works.  If 
enough people started doing this trick then we'd have to upgrade all of our 

I understand that XMPP is still "evolving", and protocol changes that require 
lots of upgrades should be expected.  However, this one seems almost 
frivolous, when it is already possible to overlap services on the same 


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