[jdev] Single host, multi service.

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Sat Sep 24 18:24:26 CDT 2005

> Well, lets start with the two things that occur to me.
> 1) #-prefixes for room names, like IRC. Remember that this isn't a 
> retrospective change, we're not asking for people who currently have 
> multiple DNS entries to give them up, we're providing a method for  new 
> servers to be set up.
> 2) On-the-fly collision checking. If there's a user jid existing,  don't 
> allow a muc jid there, just as you wouldn't if there was an  existing muc 
> room there. Similarly don't allow users to register with  room names.

Seems perfectly fine to me, its no worse of a hack than the second guessing 
dns and doesnt have the security issues it does, yea its not as pretty as 
multiple subdomains for each service but if for some reason organisations 
dont want to set their system up using it its a perfectly good solution.


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