[jdev] Single host, multi service.

Tijl Houtbeckers thoutbeckers at splendo.com
Sat Sep 24 18:47:57 CDT 2005

On Sun, 25 Sep 2005 01:14:45 +0200, Kevin Smith <kevin at kismith.co.uk>  

> Well, lets start with the two things that occur to me.
> 1) #-prefixes for room names, like IRC. Remember that this isn't a  
> retrospective change, we're not asking for people who currently have  
> multiple DNS entries to give them up, we're providing a method for new  
> servers to be set up.
> 2) On-the-fly collision checking. If there's a user jid existing, don't  
> allow a muc jid there, just as you wouldn't if there was an existing muc  
> room there. Similarly don't allow users to register with room names.

Well that's... exactly what I said. And agree it's a better solution. Of  
course, #2 has to work the other way around as well (registered channel ->  
don't allow username). I also checked the DISCO JEP to be sure that one  
jid can have multiple identities (which it can).

The problem I can see is that if you "disco" to a server, it will list all  
the MUC channels. Though I think this can be solved by using resources.  
Instead of pointing from example.org to conf.example.org, you can point to  
example.org/conf, which can than give a list AFAIK of rooms @example.org  
with no problem.

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