[jdev] Fwd: Re: Lan chat

Remko Troncon remko at psi-im.org
Wed Sep 28 04:34:59 CDT 2005

>I was thinking of using multicast (through a lib since I'm not a good
>network programmer), but do you think using zeroconf will be better ?
>Isn't multicast is suitted to a lan chat ? (a lot of users in the same
>room, it seems to me more simple)

What do you mean by multicast ? Zeroconf uses multicast for  
discovering other entities, and Zeroconf chat clients use multicast  
to send presence. The actual chatting in these chat clients is done  
directly to the other client, and uses Jabber to do the chatting.

>And at last but not least question : Can I use jabber to communicate
>from client to client? (simple encapsulation of data, but I wanted to
>use a standardized  encapsulation)

As mentioned above, chatting in iChat and the other clients is done  
using jabber. It's just presence that is done differently, because of  
the multicast.

If you want to use a library for multicast DNS, you might want to  
take a look at JDNS, released earlier today, and announced on this list.


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