[jdev] Re: JDNS: a library for SRV and Bonjour

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Wed Sep 28 07:47:02 CDT 2005

Am 28.09.2005, 11:01 Uhr, schrieb Richard Dobson <richard at dobson-i.net>:

> FYI, windows clients shouldnt have any excuse for not supporting SRV  
> records anyway as windows has built in support for querying SRV records,  
> it even works on windows 98 by just using the appropriate windows 2000  
> dns dll on it.

thats correct. But this library is cross platform which is very cool for  
developing cross platform software. Thats the reason why i didnt implement  
srv records yet in my software.
Justin, does the library also find the correct dns servers on all systems?


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