[jdev] MU-Conference returning "Not Found"

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Sep 28 11:24:17 CDT 2005

>>> Do I have to comfigure the room after the initial <presence/> ?
>>Yup according to the MUC spec.

> I'd like to avoid this.

Well your only option for this would probably to modify your MUC server so 
it doesnt require it.

> >The room wont be locked the first time you try to enter as you are 
> >creating
> >it and it will wait for you to configure it, then any subsequant attempts 
> >to
> >enter the room before its configured will be rejected with the 404.

> It does not seem to work that way. I never configure a room. But I can 
> enter and leave as I like. Other users as well. Most rooms are not locked 
> after the initial <presence/>. Only few are.

Wierd well I do expect it is something due to the fact you are not setting 
up the rooms as the spec for MUC says you should, once you are setting them 
up (as instant rooms I assume) I expect the problem will go away, if not 
then its probably just a bug in your MUC component.


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