[jdev] Fwd: Re: Lan chat

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Wed Sep 28 19:42:27 CDT 2005

> Even if it's not the best place for asking, I wanted to ask if you
> know an open source software dedicated to the LAN chat. Because even
> if iChat, Trillian & other can do it, LAN chat is a bit different from
> IM. For example, it doesn't require a (server) account - it's
> something important in jabber.

Does it really have to be dedicated to it?  What harm is there if the
client also has IM capabilities?  You could run e.g. Adium with only the
Bonjour / Zeroconf plugin configured, and I don't understand how this
would be any worse than a client which only supported that protocol.


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