[jdev] Ok, here's my tiny little Perl script

John Talbot jtalbot at proionta.gr
Thu Sep 29 10:57:04 CDT 2005

Trejkaz wrote:
>> You can copy/paste it to see that it does indeed produce wrong output
>> (at least on jabberd 1.4 & Perl 5.8.4 which I use, though I doubt
>> there's something wrong with these versions)
> For comparison, Jabberd 1.4.4 and Perl 5.8.6:

Actually my jabberd is 1.4.3.

> https://trypticon.org/files/all_greek_to_me.png
> Are you sure your script is in UTF-8?  
> Have you viewed it as ASCII just to
> see if the encoding looks vaguely correct?
Yes, I have separate accounts, one uses a utf-8 terminal and vi editor, 
and the other uses iso-8859-7 & iso-8859-1 respectively, and I've had 
this setup for over a year so it's not like something I just started 
experimenting with.

> I only copied from Firefox
> into Vim, changed the login and recipient info, sent the script to the
> server, and ran it.

That is very surprising. Since Perl probably has nothing to do with the 
unicode here, the culprit has to be jabberd then. I'll try to upgrade 
(though I use the apt-get system for which the most recent versions 
don't always exist).

Thanks very much for your feedback.

> TX

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