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mame louk mamelouk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 19:05:10 CDT 2005

Hi there,
All these messages make me feel a little oppressed.

Did you ever used a LAN chat app ?
You run it, et voilà. You don't have to give a user name (even if you
don't connect to a server), you don't need to have contacts- you can
see all connected people on the LAN, there is a main chat room, you
can leave a persistent message on a messageboard... Try BorgChat (only
for windows), you will have my point of view.

Unfortunately, I can't try iChat nor Adium because I don't use a Mac.
Trillian and google talk can do this, but they are not open source, so
I want to pay my tribute to the community with an open source lan
dedicated chat app.

I just wanted to know if there's a standard part of jabber that was
made for this kind of software. That's all. Never mind.

Thanks for all the explanation & details,
I tried a python implementation of zeroconf, it's really good.
The ivy bus was especially designed for delivering messages (using
regular expressions) in a network to whoever whant them, so you don't
have to discover and memorize peers  (I'm referring to zeroconf as I
understood it).


> > What do you think of ivy bus ? Isn't it more high level than JDNS or zeroconf ?
> Never heard of ivy bus. And i was referring to JDNS as a library to implement
> Zeroconf chatting in. JDNS implements mDNS, which is what zeroconf uses.
> The plan is to use JDNS in Psi in the near future. After that, Psi can
> be extended to implement Zeroconf chatting.
> > if iChat, Trillian & other can do it, LAN chat is a bit different from
> > IM.
> Not really. The only difference is that the user will have some features
> unavailable (server config, add to roster, ...). Apart from that, it's the
> same from the user's point of view: contacts come online in your contact
> list, you open chats with them, send files to them, do groupchats with
> them, ...
> cheers,
> Remko

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