[jdev] Re: discovering extensions without disco

Gary Burd gary_jabber at beagledreams.com
Wed Apr 5 12:05:27 CDT 2006

> As long as GT doesn't change the allowable email addresses, you're safe.

You are not safe. Google is regulary adding new domains to Google Talk
as part of the "Gmail for Domains" beta test. See
https://www.google.com/hosted/Home for more info.

> apart from GT not advertizing its extension in disco,

Google's private blocking extension is not advertised because Google
does not encourage the use of the extension.  Google does not
encourage the use of the blocking extension because it overlaps with
RFC 3921.

> we should make simple iq-based protocol for blocking and going
> invisible, as a server-side profile of privacy lists.

+ 1

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