[jdev] sms/mms gateway for developement purpose

Steve Kennedy steve-jabber at gbnet.net
Tue Apr 18 11:58:18 CDT 2006

On Tue, Apr 18, 2006 at 06:14:32PM +0530, Puneet Goel wrote:

>    Thanks for the reply. I have seen the said gateways but what i came
>    across that i will be charged for using thm (developement purpose). I
>    don't have any issues how it will be charged later on once my software
>    is out in market.
>    So i am looking for a gateway which i can use for developement purpose
>    where i can fake smsc.
>    One question! there are some clients in market using SMS over xmpp; how
>    they have achieved it ? Since they are free softwares I am pretty much
>    sure that they wouldn't have paid to anyone for developemnt and
>    testing. How they are faking smsc ? any readily available solution ?

The SMS/MMS protocols are well documented and if you can get SMSs or
MMSs into a network you can assume they'll be delivered.

Generally it's impossible to get SMS or MMS completely "free" into live
GSM networks as the operators charge per message. You can of course
utilise a normal phone and use that as a "fake" SMSC and utilise a price
plan that includes a certain number of bundled messages.

Have a look at www.kannel.org which can be used for SMSs and mbuni.org
which can be used for MMS.

Connections to real networks (using SMPP or whatever) tend to cost real
money, however then you can utilise short-codes or other means and
reverse charge users (regulations permitting) so they pay for the
SMS/etc traffic.


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