[jdev] sasl digest-response

Asia Gąsiewska gasiewska at wp.pl
Sat Apr 22 16:10:30 CDT 2006

I am trying to write jabber client in .net, however I am stuck with sasl. Could someone explain me what should be the form of the password during digest- response. After reading RFC2831 I just  don' t understand this part:

passwd   = *OCTET

   The "username-value", "realm-value" and "passwd" are encoded
   according to the value of the "charset" directive. If "charset=UTF-8"
   is present, and all the characters of either "username-value" or
   "passwd" are in the ISO 8859-1 character set, then it must be
   converted to ISO 8859-1 before being hashed.

What does it mean *OCTET and should I change everything everytime to iso 8859-1 ?

Thank you for your attention and help.
Joanna Gasiewska

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