[jdev] Re: GNUPG as DLL

George Hazan george.hazan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 13:09:53 CDT 2006

   Hello, Michal!
   Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:17:47 +0200 you wrote:

>>>> Even on a PIV/2800 with 1GB RAM it takes about 200-300 msec to launch
>>>> the gnupg.exe and process its result.
MvV>>> Than the system (windows) should be rewritten, not the program.
>> If the antivirus usage is a corporate policy, you can't change anything.
>> And that AV checks every starting program, agree?
MvV> Then the problem still is not in the exe, right?

Surely it is. From almost all points of view calling EXE only causes a lot 
of absolutely useless activity: you should initialize all keyrings, verify 
users, signatures etc. every time you run a program, instead of the single 
context creation, which can work then for hours.

MvV> You guess, it obeys one of the unix rules - one task = one program.

Fortunately not all program authors follow this rule even under unix :) 
That's why we have zlib, libssl, libpng, etc.

MvV> I do not thing the authors will want to disobey this rule because of
MvV> your, not too well acting, system.

Neither me nor my users don't use unices. I have to find the solution for 
that concrete situation, and I just asked for some help... If there would be 
another free library which can help me to encrypt messages, I'll be glad to 
use it, but right now I've found only GNUPG.

MvV> By the way, there is something like PGP, which I think provides a lib.

Yes, but PGP Desktop (which includes a very useful DLL) is the commercial 
software. It would be quite strange to force users to pay money to be able 
to use a freeware, right?

WMBR, George Hazan (ghazan at postman.ru) 

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