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Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Wed Apr 26 12:37:27 CDT 2006

Hi Bandan,

After working with a number of companies doing similar things to what
you're looking at, I suspect you really don't want all 1000 users in
everyone's contact list. As a user on a system like this, it would be
difficult to use.

What I would suggest is a more team based approach. If you have LDAP or
Active Directory setup, your users probably already have roles assigned
to them in order to break them down by team. Your best bet is to say:
	1 - "All users in the Developers Group see all users in the
Developers Group". 
	2 - "All Salesman see all other salesmen" and so on.

This way you end up with much more relevant contact lists and happier
users. It also allows you to manage contact lists through LDAP or AD.
This help keeps the VP of Engineering from being distracted by a
Marketing guys and so forth. 

I know our server does this, and I think some of the open-source ones

There's a demo here of what I'm describing:

Chris Mullins

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I want to use jabber for my office intranet. The server would be
handling around a 1000 users and an important requirement is that every
user registered with the server should be on everyone's roster. So
instead of the users having to manually add their friends, I am thinking
of automating the process in the following way : I'll be maintaining a
JUD within my intranet. The client application will regularly check for
new entries from the JUD and if it finds one, will send a request for
adding the contact on its own on behalf of the user. Is this something
that is possible with jabber ? 

Thanks in advance

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