[jdev] Announcement of SNIMMER aplication

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Mon Aug 14 12:21:18 CDT 2006

Re-post. Previous one had broken "To" address :( Sorry for inconvenience.
I'd like to make some sort of announcement here, hoping it is ok to post such 
things on jdev.
I am participating for some time already in SNIMMER project. This project 
makes heavy use of jabber to let users of separated IM networks chat with 
each other by using some mediator that will transparently transcode messages 
forth and back. As you understand - the idea is very much like jabber 
transports with the exception that user of such transport is not neccessary 
jabber user.
I think you can get the idea by looking at this page: http://www.snimmer.com/ 
- you can type in any pair of IM contacts (say, yahoo and MSN) and it will 
interconnect them.
That part of the project is intended to go opensource in nearest future (after 
it will go beta, currently it is expected to be within one month).
Another idea of the same application is to let webmasters chat with website 
visitors. Technically that differs from first part only by the fact that one 
of sides of the conversation is not typed in by anybody but is auto-generated 
and auto-connected by the script that assotiated with some particular url.

You can find some more info here:

Alexey Nezhdanov

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