[jdev] Discovering the Federation.

Cedric Hyppolite cedric.hyppolite at free.fr
Thu Aug 24 14:04:51 CDT 2006

Thanks for the fast replies !

I asked this question because, the first time I tried Jabber, I  
looked at different places on the web xmpp.net, jabber.org before  
finding a server to register an account to. I wanted to know if this  
search for a server could be done in some way inside the xmpp network  
through S2S protocol, instead of using a 'legacy' network like http.

 > ...The 'jabber federation' is controlled by DNS - just
like email....

But there could be a way to share the content of a cached list of the  
jabber servers one server has talked to in the recent past... This is  
not the case with email, but in-band account registration is not  
common with email. With jabber, registering in-band could be nicely  
coupled with in-band discovery, IMHO.

Le 24 août 06 à 20:51, Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :

> Oh, and another thing...
> Cedric Hyppolite wrote:
>> The idea behind this
>> is to let a user new to Jabber browse the network to find a jabber
>> server providing all the features that he needs (gateway, user  
>> registry,
>> conference rooms) and then register an account in-band.
> The whole point of federation is that you don't need to have all
> features available on your "home" server. You register an account  
> at one
> server and you can use services hosted at other domains (chatrooms,  
> etc.).

You're right, then the selection of the 'home server' is easier, but  
the discovery of the servers that host the useful service is still  
left to the user, out of xmpp.

>> In a perfect
>> world the server statistics (uptime, ping) would be available through
>> the discovery protocol, but I may be asking too much.
> Yes, we'll have that information at www.xmpp.net once we set up a
> network monitoring service (sends pings and disco#info + disco#items
> requests to the servers registered with the XMPP Federation).

I look forward to this.


> Peter
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> Peter Saint-Andre
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