[jdev] winpopup like sending from multiple programs but one account simultaneously?

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Fri Aug 25 19:35:48 CDT 2006

Hi Sander!

Sander Devrieze schrieb:
>>> PID of the spawned process that parses the email will work as well.. but
>>> someday you may want  to run your program on more than one machine ;-)
>> I hear /dev/random is a good alternative to handle this case.
> ...there still is change to have the same value twice. I think it is better to 
> use ip at pid as resource. For example: user at example.org/ at 1523

It depends on the number of bits you use to generate the resource. There 
is a certain probability for calculation errors on a computer. Because 
of this error probability also in your scheme duplicate IDs may be 
generated. If the number of random bits is enough to get down to about 
the same probability for duplicate resources, there is no difference.

Or in other words: yes, random algorithms (of type "Monte Carlo 
algorithm") may result in wrong results - but deterministic algorithms 
are not es deterministic as you might expect, if they are executed on 
real hardware.

So I'd say which way you are using to generate the resources depends on 
your goals. E.g. you might not want to show IP addresses or PIDs to not 
leak information about how you set-up your server.

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